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In Final Fantasy XIV

Age: 24, born second sun of the fourth astral moon. Eye Color: Vibrant blue Hair/Fur Color: Snow white - natural Race: Miqo'te - Seekers of the Sun Gender: Cis Male Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Son of X'rhun Tia and Y'thora Rhul (deceased) Adopted Son to M'rahz Nunh and M'rene Kota Younger Brother to M'tasha Rahz and M'lucia Rahz Older Half-Brother to Valrin Zalius Brother-in-Law to Senkiel Zalius and Thesren Zalius In a Polyamorous Relationship with Lycette Wynne, Evelynn Markov, and X'qidus Jhida!


Abandoned as an infant in the Marmot tribe's hunting grounds, it was by the grace of Azeyma herself that a hunting party happened upon M'ikael and took him in out of the unforgiving sun. His early life was filled with moderate bullying simply due to his obvious lack of blood relation to the tribe, with many of the other young Miqo'te pointing out how he was tossed aside and unwanted by his biological family. His adoptive mother, M'rene, did her best to ease these pains by reminding him that, no matter what happened with his biological family, he was chosen and taken in by her, and his new family. Understandably, this made M'ikael into a bit of a momma's boy, seeking comfort from her whenever he felt down. One of the things that calmed him most was his mother's singing and lute playing. Being the best in the tribe, her music was something Miki was very proud of, and as a child he studied with her, learning to play along with her, and sing as well. In his later years, he drew upon this and took up the bow as well, becoming a bard.

In his formative years, M'lucia fell pregnant from another's tribe's Nunh, and left to join them. She left her pack of Astrologian cards with her brother as a keepsake, and he carries them with him now, along with Chester, his stuffed bear from his early childhood. These two keepsakes being reminders of his family's love, although the cards are bittersweet, reminding him of how he felt abandoned by his sister leaving.

When he came of age, his "father" began teaching him to fight and hold his own, in hopes that Miki could become one of Marmot Tribe's many Nunh and bring new life to the Marmot tribe's bloodline. In an attempt to please his father and earn the respect of his peers, he trained as much as he could with the greatsword, and when his father introduced him to a young woman he did his best, but ultimately couldn't fulfill his father's wishes. This is what inspired Miki to leave, traveling Eorzea as a newly titled but unproven Nunh. Present Day

On the day of his 25th Summer, Miki passed into a heavy coma as he traveled into the First, all the while his brother remained by his side to care for his unconscious body. As of the 10th sun of the 8th Umbral Moon, Miki is now conscious once more, wandering around Eorzea as he attempts to put his life back together from his long absence. He currently is in the process of running his own business, offering protection services/hunting down arcane artifacts.


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