Save 200 On Vizio s Excellent 65-inch M-Series Quantum TV

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You don't have to spend a small fortune to get a TV with quantum dots, the technology that sounds like it should be little more than a marketing gimmick, but in reality delivers a superb picture. Last year [/tags/vizio/ Vizio] introduced a number of models with quantum dots, and as hands-on CNET reviews have shown, they offer great color and brightness at a midrange price. And right now, Costco is having a humdinger of a sale on the [ 65-inch M-Series 4K UHD Quantum TV -- you can get it for $500] while supplies last. That's a solid $200 off the regular price. In fact, the cheapest I can find this set on [/tags/amazon/ Amazon] is $700.
[ See it at Costco]It's such a good deal that I was worried Costco was pulling a fast one on us, putting the M657-G0 on sale. That's the lower-tier 65-inch M-Series model with somewhat less impressive specs. But no, this is the M658-G1, which has 600 nits of peak output (150% more than the M657-G0) and 90 separate local dimming zones, compared to just 20. Sale or no, this is the one to get.

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$500 is a surprisingly good deal for this TV. It's literally priced below the 55-inch version, and has excellent color that rivals what you see much more expensive models like the [/news/samsung-qled-tvs-2019-take-on-oled-with-bigger-screens-in-2019/ Samsung Q7]. Unfortunately, this isn't a Roku TV -- if only all [/topics/tvs/ TVs] were Roku -- but Vizio's Smartcast 3.0 isn't a terrible smart TV solution, and it works with [/apple/ Apple] AirPlay 2 and HomeKit which a lot of folks will appreciate. There's also voice control via Alexa, [/tags/siri/ Siri] and Google Assistant, along with four [/tags/hdmi/ HDMI] ports, Ethernet, USB and a slew of other connections.

Can you get a better TV? Absolutely -- but you'll pay for the privilege. This 65-inch M-Series, though, was already a good value. $200 cheaper, it's essentially a steal. This deal ends on May 10, assuming supplies last that long. 
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