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From Knights of Ivalice

We convinced a property manager to take a chance on us in the way of a small apartment, which wasn't easy with our spotty history, Janet's shiny bald head, and driving the old, rusty Toyota that mystically kept going for us. We didn't have much stuff either, so we cruised garage sales and thrift stores to get a few things together, like a $3 phone to keep in touch with the nursing home. Luckily, we were accustomed to sleeping on bare, wooden floors in Thailand, so sleeping on a carpeted floor was a treat.

BN: The word Buddha can mean knowing, knowing something. The five skandas may be the object of meditation (and we come to see their impermanent and dependent characteristics) and there is the awareness of them. Yet still the awareness is part of the characteristics of phenomena. I agree. I don't think that awareness can be truly separated from the characteristics of phenomena. Of course awareness is fundamental and essential to mindfulness.

The Noble Truth Leading to the Extinction of Suffering: Refers to the Noble Eightfold Path, which deals with choosing the right speech, right actions, and more throughout your life.

Over the years, different statues of Gautama Buddha have been built in the various Buddhism-practicing countries. Have you ever wondered how big is the biggest Buddha statue?

Siddhartha Gautama believed that he had attained a state of being, where he fully understood all of the ins and outs of the human condition. He referred to this level as 'nirvana,' which meant that the termination of his desires ended all of his suffering. He began to spread the word, claiming that through his teachings, this state of bliss could be achieved.

theravada MZC: Batchelor is specifically talking about the rebirth in the Indian philosophy where there is a rebirth of the individual soul or atma, which goes from life to life. Batchelor says that the Buddha was not interested in whether this is true or not, whether there is even a soul, if "the mind is different from the body." And further, we cannot know the answer to such questions.

Lay followers generally engaged in this kind of worship. Monks and nuns also worshiped these objects, but with a different goal in mind. They worshiped these objects in a kind of meditation, to be reminded of the Buddha's teaching.